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SWAMP is a community and volunteer run organization. Our activities help monitor and improve the health of wetlands in Washington state.

Peter Ritson, PhD., an environmental scientist, is looking for volunteers to search for amphibians and their eggs. This is the tenth year of this entirely volunteer program which monitors Clark County's wetlands by examining amphibian populations. The project involves training community volunteers to search for pond breeding amphibians and their eggs this winter, then reporting the findings to local and state agencies.

2019 Training Day

February 16, 2019
10:00am - 1:30pm

Surveys are starting!

Waiters, equipment, snacks and training provided.
Asking for volunteers to help science and your local environment.

Actively Monitoring Community

We have compiled our monitoring sites pinpointed in Google Maps. If you have Google Earth, you can also download all the sites to your computer!

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