Southwest Washington Amphibians Monitoring Project

Purpose and Mission

An all volunteer program dedicated to empowering community members to assess and preserve the unique ecological resources for our community.

We want to educate Clark County residents about the importance of amphibians and their associated habitats,” said Dr. Ritson. “We hope to encourage their protection in several ways: engaging citizens in wildlife protection by training volunteers to survey and monitor pond-breeding amphibian species, providing data essential to species conservation decisions, and increasing public understanding of the importance of wetlands in a rapidly urbanizing region.

Dr. Peter Ritsen (PhD)

Early Environmental Response

Amphibian monitoring is an important part of identifying early problems in local environments. Without knowing when a local site is experiencing distress, even experienced environmentalists are unable to respond appropriately. That also means gathering data, and getting help. We have to work together to keep the environment thriving!

Actively Monitoring Community

We will train you to conduct amphibian surveys in ponds here in Clark County. The surveys will occur in early Feburary through March. No previous experience with frogs and salamanders is necessary! As a volunteer, you will learn to search for, identify and count amphibian egg masses. Data obtained will provide essential information for amphibian conservation. We need to know what out’s there and where it is.

We have compiled our monitoring sites pinpointed in Google Maps. If you have Google Earth, you can also download all the sites to your computer!

Initial Findings Report

Our first report is out! Read about our initial findings from 2009 in the Clark County Amphibians Report by clicking the link above.


picture of Doctor Peter Ritsen
Dr. Peter Ritsen

PhD and professor @ PCC

picture of David Newcomb
David Newcomb

Environmental and Science Education

picture of Jack Dojan
Jack Dojan

Environmental Activist

picture of the amazing and wonderful Michelle Devlaeminck
Michelle Devlaeminck

Student and Environmental Activist

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