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Next Event > Training Sesssion January 23rd from 9:30 to 1:00 pm at WSUV. Please contact me if you are looking for a site to monitor.

Our first report is out. Read about our initial findings Report

Volunteer To Help Clark County's Amphibians In 2016 (8th year running!)

2016 field season is starting. Contact us if you are interesteded in helping. Peter Ritson

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Peter Ritson, an environmental scientist, is looking for volunteers to search for amphibians and their eggs. This is the sixth year of this entirely volenteer program onitor Clark County's wetlands by examining amphibian populations. The project involves training community volunteers to search for pond breeding amphibians and their eggs this winter, then reporting their findings to local and state agencies.

“We want to educate Clark County residents about the importance of
amphibians and their associated habitats,” said Dr. Ritson. “We hope to
encourage their protection in several ways: engaging citizens in wildlife
protection by training volunteers to survey and monitor pond-breeding
amphibian species, providing data essential to species conservation
decisions, and increasing public understanding of the importance of
wetlands in a rapidly urbanizing region.”
To find out more about volunteering, contact Dr Peter Ritson at